I'll add a proper terms of use and privacy policy for this later but for now, here's some quick info.

Terms of Use

  • By using EHGames Twitch Integration, you agree to these terms.
  • Any content you upload or post must be your own, or you must have permission from the owner to post it here. You agree that you will be held fully accountable for any content you submit, whether issues arise from copyright infringement, illegal content, hate speech, or otherwise.
  • EHGames will not be held responsible for any website failures such as loss of data.

Privacy Policy

  • Cookies are used solely for login. There is no kind of tracking, analytics or advertisements on these pages.
  • Your IP Address and the pages you visit on this site may appear in global server logs. This information is only used to make sure page errors are not occuring and that there are not any hacking attempts going on.
  • The Twitch details revealed to this site by logging in are kept private and are only used for granting you permission to upload and create content. In the future it may be possible for other users to find content you have marked public by searching for your Twitch username. Nothing else is done with this information.
  • In rare cases, the Twitch details of users uploading files are logged in case of rogue users or hacked accounts.
Terms of Use